26 April 2011

Why is everybody talking about SAVAGES?

I was not able to "turn my brain off" enough to enjoy this thriller, a lot of which reads like bad poetry, about a pair of snarky young'uns (science genius and ex-Middle Eastern mercenary) who decide to take on a Mexican drug cartel to protect their share of the SoCal pot trade. I still finished it, but then I was re-irritated because you've seen the ending of this book onscreen a dozen times, likely with a Nickelback song scrolling over it.

It is in fact being adapted by Oliver Stone, with a string of not-terrible casting choices attached (Benicio del Toro as the local 'muscle' of the drug queenpin; Taylor Kitsch [sigh] as the ex-mercenary). Stone probably picked it because one of the characters quotes the "Life is a game of inches" speech from "Any Given Sunday." Or someone leaked him the (spoiler) threesome scene. It's so shocking!!! Hollywood, thou art easier than a two-piece puzzle.

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