07 March 2011

Unbookening... goes digital?

Bought 1 book
Got 3 returned
Borrowed 3

Gave away 4
Lent 3
Returned 2 to library

Quandary: How should e-books be accounted for? (Slash, should they be accounted for?) On one hand, I bought two this month, and that technically is piling up more volumes than I can read in a lifetime. On the other hand, I started doing this to keep track of physical books I don't have physical room for, and I am well stocked on my Kindle memory card (so far). What would you do?


Anonymous said...

Yes, e-books count! I'm keeping track. ~Jen

Elizabeth said...

If your goal is to free up physical space, then I don't see how accumulating e-books undermines that goal.

Wade Garrett said...

I agree with Elizabeth. There's nothing wrong with accumulating eBooks, if the point of "unbookening" is to keep your apartment from getting cluttered. The Instructions takes up just as much physical space on your Kindle as does The Tinkers.

Ellen said...

Well... the lack of shelf space was part of the point, anyway. But while I'm buying and reading ebooks, I'm not reading any of the books I already own on said shelves. So I'm not making progress on those, exactly.

Wade Garrett said...

I actually have the same problem. I don't spent a lot of money on books - I'm a terrific stoop-sale and used book store scavenger, and I've got an Amazon rewards card - but I end up taking so many books out of the library, and borrowing them from friends, that I rarely get around to the several years' worth of unread books I already have in my apartment.