23 March 2011

"Readers may be surprised to learn that SWEET VALLEY CONFIDENTIAL is the first SWEET VALLEY book Pascal has actually written cover to cover (though, she says with a laugh, "I wrote every single one of those f--king plotlines")."
--Jessica Bennett at The Daily Beast on Francine Pascal, who indeed has a new book coming out next week about the Wakefield twins. And if you have no idea what this paragraph is about, you probably weren't a girl in the '80s to late '90s.


jess s said...

I just "squeee"d outloud. At my desk. In my office. How embarrassing.

Wade Garrett said...

It'll never measure up to The Baby Sitters' Club! I still love you, Claudia! Wait, what is everybody looking at?

Ellen said...

No way Wade, you're totally a Stacey.

Jess -- long-distance virtual book club??