25 October 2010

No, seriously, you're all fired.

No one saw fit to tell me Garrison Keillor has a daily podcast where he talks about writers' birthdays and reads poetry? On the bright side, I have a new great way to start my work day.


Neil said...

That's been around for like ten years. I can't believe you didn't already know about it.

Marjorie said...

I just heard that program on the radio this morning. It is on insanely early, at least it is here--6:10 a.m., I think. I never thought to look for a podcast.

I almost had a Keillor sighting in St. Paul a couple weeks ago but I wasn't actually paying attention, so my mother had to point him out and then he was gone.

Ellen said...

Aha. I consume almost all my NPR via podcast or online, not on the radio, so maybe that's why I had never heard of it. I suck at this game!