01 February 2009

Unbookening 12: Well, It Could Have Been Worse

Mooched 4 books
Got 13 from the library
Got 10 to review
Bought 1 book for myself -- LOLITA, for book club
Brought 2 (more) books back from home
30 books in

Gave away 8 books on BookMooch
Gave away 1 book otherwise
Donated 8 books to Small Thrift Store
Returned 12 books to the library
Returned 1 book I had borrowed
Lent 2 books to my mom
32 books out

If I hadn't paid a visit to Small Thrift Store, this never would have worked. One of the benefits of donating books (versus putting them up on BookMooch): All my books were accepted! Nothing worse than putting a book on BookMooch and discovering that there are already 5 other copies of it for the takin'.

I could have done better but I'm pretty happy with myself.

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