16 February 2009

"I shop rarely and poorly. But I would say that if I had to pick something that’s my shopping weakness, it’s books. I’ll buy books I’ve already read because I’ve misplaced them and I love them."
--Isla Fisher, star of "Confessions of a Shopaholic"


Wade Garrett said...

I've been rather outspoken about my dislike of the SATC/Shopaholic culture, but for some reason I'm less judgmental when it comes to people who buy more books than they have time to read. Maybe that makes me hypocritical, but I really do think that buying books is more . . . substantial than buying lots of high-fashion clothes.

I've bought copies of books because I've misplaced the originals - I just can't be happy without copies of A River Runs Through It and The Corrections and The Remains of the Day on my bookshelf. I feel where she's coming from.

Ellen said...

I just thought it was a funny juxtaposition between Fisher and the character she plays -- since I haven't seen the movie I don't know yet whether she racked up any of her debt on books.

I have read the Shopaholic book, though, and I don't think the branding had too much of an effect on me for one specific reason: The original heroine being British and living in London, most of the labels were names I was not familiar with or are not readily available here. I agree with you though that buying books is more substantial -- at least, that's what I tell myself!

RR said...

At least buying books to replace lost originals is reasonable (I think).

I have been known to buy a book I already own either because I bought it in HB and the PPB looked so different I didn't recognise it, or, much worse, I have picked up and looked at a book so often that I don't remember whether I have actually got round to buying it!

No wonder Mount Toobie has become a range!

Ellen said...

RR, I had to look up what Mount Toobie is. Thanks for making me laugh!