14 February 2009


Cover of a debut novel I'm looking forward to reading, Bernadine Evaristo's BLONDE ROOTS, cover design by Evan Gaffney (source: BN.com):

Detail of a Kara Walker installation from UCLA's Hammer Museum (source: catheadsix):

Not the same at all, I just remembered Walker's New Yorker profile and thought it was interesting. Maybe Gaffney saw the Walker exhibition at the MoMA (which I missed).

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8yearoldsdude said...

I think you are right the the use of racialized silhouettes is not accidental given Walker's cultural moment.

I didn't much care for the Walker exhibit at the Whitney. It is an incredibly evocative style--juxtaposing storybook-style with racialized subject-matter, but it stops being evocative and starts to be repetitive when one confronts room after room of it.