03 February 2009

The Hudson ate my library book

One of the pieces of luggage on US Airways Flight 1549, which made an incredible water landing earlier this month, contained a library book checked out to Captain Chesley Sullenberger from his local library. But he won't be paying fines for it: Conscientious, perhaps, that the entire nation is watching him, the captain called and asked for an extension on the book -- which was an interlibrary loan from Cal-Fresno -- and the Danville Public Library not only waived all its late fees, it'll replace the book (whose title I couldn't find, sadly) with a copy dedicated to Sullenberger.

From work on the travel blog I write for I had already concluded that Sullenberger is The Man, and his crew who assisted in the rescue top-notch. This sure doesn't hurt, though. (Source: Jacket Copy via Gawker)


Jess said...

I can't believe he even thought of that! But what was his plan? Dry the book out and return it? Keep renewing it?

Ellen said...

If you just sneak it in the drop box, no one has to know it was you who damaged it. KIDDING.