08 May 2008

Cover Love: Bond Babe Books

Even before 2006's "rebooted" Bond franchise and new suit Daniel Craig, Penguin came out with these fun, pulp-inspired covers for the Ian Fleming Bond novels:

But those don't hold a candle to the new hardcover editions with a Bond-girl motif celebrating author Ian Fleming's birth. Here's the new cover of CASINO ROYALE:

I feel a little guilty for liking these, but I adore the distinctive colors. Many of the women have their backs turned and that '60s-style font for the titles. (Also, the Penguin lodged inside the 007? LOVE. Give that designer a big raise.) I haven't read any of the Bond novels, but my source Ryan the Outlaw Genius says the cover redesign "almost makes you forget how horrible the writing is inside."

I liked the older design of CASINO ROYALE all right, but some of those covers are less fun than downright disturbing.
"In order to solve this mystery, you must permit me to ski all over you."

You don't need eyes to appreciate a good playing-card bikini.

Masked Men Traverse Dangerous Boobs


Anonymous said...

No need to feel guilty! I've always found something... refreshing about Fleming's book covers. They have a nice distinction from the look many current mystery/thrillers sport.

Jess said...

Why do you feel guilty? They are AWESOME.