15 January 2014

New York Public Library Pulls a Quikster

I woke up this morning to the unpleasant discovery that most of my library holds had been deleted from my account and I wasn't able to make new ones. Not ideal, given that I just threw everything on the Tournament of Books  An NYPL chat bot directed me to the library's new site, Ebooks.nypl.org, which is an ugly cluster with a weak search function and (apparently) a somewhat depleted resource of books available to reserve.

Yet the really nice thing about the old functionality was the ability to search for physical library books and e-books simultaneously, just like with Netflix, and to have those queues in the same place. That appears to be over. The design is just a fig leaf on my frustration.

1 comment:

jess thrift said...

ugggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry. i'd go thru the roof. fortunately our library doesn't appear to be very interested in "improving" their services!