06 January 2014

December and 2013 Unbookening

Bought 3 books
Received 1 to review
Checked 10 out from the library
Received 8 for Christmas
Borrowed 2
24 in

Returned 12 to the library 
Returned 3 to others
Donated 5 
Exchanged for Amazon credit 1 (wasn't worth it! How could a Kindle book magically degrade in price?)
20 out

As I already know from the hilarious state of my bookshelf/ nightstand, I still finished out the year with too many books (17 more than when I started, according to my very meticulous note-keeping). I have no regrets, but hoping this year I will make some more room. This means trying to get through all my outstanding 2013 galleys before BEA, and continuing to rely on the library ahead of bookstores. But I'll always save room for gifts and books I'm borrowing from friends.

January's goal is to give away 8 more books than I get.

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