15 November 2012

Congratulations to the 2012 National Book Award winners

In a slight upset, Louise Erdrich took this year's fiction prize for her novel THE ROUND HOUSE, while the New Yorker's Katherine Boo pulled off a well-deserved win in nonfiction for her tale of poverty in Mumbai BEHIND THE BEAUTIFUL FOREVERS. William Alexander received the YA prize for his book GOBLIN SECRETS (YA books have the coolest titles) and David Ferry's book BEWILDERMENT was honored in the poetry category.

Did any of you actually go to the ceremony? I was surprised to see several of my Twitter friends were attending; I thought it was the kind of event you couldn't just go to. Well, there's always next year.


Marjorie said...

Re: slight upset--who were you expecting to win? Junot Diaz was a strong contender, I suppose (though I'm just guessing based on other books by all these authors--I haven't read any of the nominees). I'm happy about Erdrich. I love her work, and she hadn't won one of these before.

Ellen said...

I was surprised that Junot Diaz didn't win! Perhaps I have been spending too much time in the New York bubble. I'm also happy for Erdrich.