13 August 2013

New site The Toast asked a bunch of people: What are your weird reading habits? It took me a few minutes of thinking to really locate mine, since obviously to me they're not weird, but here goes:

  • Sometimes if I go to the movies by myself, I'll read a book in my seat before the previews start, even though the light isn't good. This is because I believe First Look rots your brain cells. 
  • I like leaving books in airplane seat pockets, despite admonitions and possible security concerns. I like to think they go onto some "leave one take one" airline shelf and end up traveling all over the world with flight attendants. This is a romantic picture for sure. 
  • I always read acknowledgments, maybe too closely. I noticed recently that a famous author did not thank her husband in the acknowledgments of her most recent book, and then recently had a byline where she mentioned her kids and not her husband. I'm guessing she's abiding by the 21st century "Just delete all the mentions, then it didn't exist" policy of past-relationshipping. 
  • At the end of a book I go back and read the epigraph to "figure it out." (Usually not successfully.) 

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D.H. Sayer said...

Whenever I come across a typo, I circle it and write the page number on the first page. I have no idea why, as there is no real use for this info. (I've also started writing "serial comma" on the first page with either a big check mark or big X depending on whether the author uses it or not.)

Lol with the epigraph thing. Like you, I did that recently, without much success. I sometimes think authors just like to quote a thing because it's pretty.