12 August 2013

Area Man Takes Friday Night Event Spot At Area Bookstore

This is a picture of some guy about to sign books at the Strand on Friday night. Some guy wrote a memoir called A CALIFORNIA CHILDHOOD about growing up on the mean streets of Palo Alto (not East Palo Alto, f.y.i.) which according to its Amazon description "plays with the concept of memoir through personal snapshots, sketches, paintings, poems, and stories."

I can't fault the Strand for -- hold on a second, yes I totally can. Even in this era of straitened bookstore finances, I can fault the Strand for participating in this circus. Get out of my face with your pretensions of art. Were there no other authors in the world that could have been given this chance? Just so tired of some guy being treated like the only author in the world.

Photo: Just Jared

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