03 June 2013

May Unbookening: Can't Spell Futility Without BEA Edition

Bought 4 books (3 Kindle, in deference to my current unhoused state)
Had 2 returned to me
Checked 5 out from the library
Received 5 to review
Picked up 28 galleys (I know, and believe me these were just the books I was sure I wanted to read!)
44 in

Donated 12
Gave away 1
Returned 4 to library
17 out

Well, at least I will have enough reading for the whole summer. And then some. And then some more.

But seriously, for such a sales-focused conference BEA is an absolute smorgasbord of free things if you know where to look. I largely eschewed the non-book products, even the balloon animals people were carrying around (and these relate to publishing how?), except two tote bags because I don't have 87 of them already. Sometimes I would walk into an exhibitor's booth, see an artful stack of galleys, and not automatically take one with me. That actually happened! But I got some finds that I'll definitely look forward to talking and writing about in the fall, and I promise there were no rolling suitcases allowed.

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P said...

I need to check out the BEA next year. I found out too late about it this year.