03 June 2013

Don't be Grumpy, go on a LAME ADVENTURE today!

One more BEA story. On Friday at the expo, I was waiting in an epically long line for Chronicle Books' celebrity author Grumpy Cat. When Chronicle announced it would be dispatching Grumpy Cat (aka "Tardar Sauce" Bundesen of Phoenix, AZ) to the conference, I forwarded the press release around as a joke, and then at some point decided to seriously do it. (Not the first time I have made decisions in this manner.)

I got to chatting with the woman in front of me in line who was an author. Turns out her name is Virginia Antonelli and she writes a blog I already read called Lame Adventures about city life and escapades in New York and beyond. (The sea lion rescue was one of my favorites.) If you ever find yourself by choice in an hour-long line for about 20 seconds of meme glory, I highly recommend getting stuck with a blogger like her and watching everyone's faces light up or crinkle with confusion as they asked us "What are you in line for?"

Anyway, you should read about her day at BEA and then buy her book LAME ADVENTURES: UNGLAMOROUS TALES FROM MANHATTAN. Waiting for Grumpy Cat would definitely count as unglamorous, but on the other hand, now I won't have to change my Facebook photo for several meme-years.


P said...

So jealous! I have that meme-photo on a (Grumpy Cat official) mug at work.

The blog and book sound interesting! Will definitely check them out.

Lame Adventures said...

Ellen, how cool of you to give me a shout out on your site! Thanks! But I still think that when we met Grumpy Cat, she was more Sedated Cat.