05 September 2012

No jobs for Jonah

Whoa! Wired magazine took Jonah Lehrer back after allegations of plagiarism caused him to lose his position at the New Yorker; now he will lose his place at Wired as well primarily based on an investigation into his blog for them.

Here's the independent fact checker's report. Granted, I think that chart makes it look worse than it is; if the posts weren't fact-checked at all the first time around, I would find it normal for a checker to have one question per article. (They're sticklers; it's what they do, and when I fact-checked as part of a previous job I delighted in finding things that even the top editors were like "This is a little too granular, we don't need to worry about it." I'm saying that it's rare a fact-checker will look over a piece and find nothing that s/he wouldn't correct.)

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