09 July 2012

Programming note: Mostly dead is slightly alive!

Posts may be briefer than usual this week while the HAL-9000 of our operation is getting its logic board and keyboard replaced. (Normal damages to a four-year-old laptop pressed to do just about everything; just like my cell phone that died a few weeks ago, no good story to go along with it.) Relying on mobile and virtual keyboards doesn't make our thinking any less complicated, but it slows down production and makes amusing hyperlinking more difficult. 
(Related life advice: When you drop something off at the Apple Store to get repaired, read the "work authorization" they e-mail you afterward very carefully, in case you notice that you're about to be charged $453 for the part the Genius told you, multiple times, would be replaced for free. The Genius' boss sounded irritated that I called back, as if I were disputing the adding up of a tip.)
In the meantime, read this really boring blog post about James Franco seeing "Gatz" in London. Spoiler alert: He only made it to 3/4ths of the show (quitter!) but he liked it. I don't think he has the mettle to make it here.

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