02 July 2012

June Unbookening: Hey, I just read you and this is crazy

Forestalling the inevitable parody...

Received 6 books to review
Checked out 2 from the library
Got 6 from friends
14 in

Returned 4 to library
Donated 5
Lent 4
13 out

Well, this was really close. I also renewed my NY Public Library card this June. I was under the impression that they never expired, but they've now been set to expire every 3 years because, as a librarian put it to me, "items were leaving the system" with borrowers who went inactive and then couldn't be found to collect. That makes me wonder if my old library account in the town where I lived before I moved here is still active, and if the librarians are still calling my old office number (they wouldn't take a cell phone because it had to be a local area code!) to see why I haven't been in. Three years is kind of narrow, especially if you don't know about the policy change and only find out about it a month before expiration (guilty!) but I'm not sure what a better term of membership might be.

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