30 December 2010

Yay! Kindle lending is here!

But just once per title, and for just 14 days. And only one of my purchased titles is loanable, but if anyone wants to borrow THE FINKLER QUESTION when I'm done, I'm your woman. Galleycat reports TRAVELS FROM SIBERIA and FREEDOM are lendable, both great books from the passing year.


8yearoldsdude said...

Freedom in 14 days? that is just a teaser offer to sell more digital copies of freedom. I'd have to read at your pace to actually finish it.

sorry to have been away, something weird happened (and may still be happening) with my google commenting account.

Ellen said...

I suppose Amazon won't let one borrower borrow the same e-book in 14-day increments from several friends, one after another... Perhaps FREEDOM is not an ideal test case. I see the Hunger Games trilogy has lending enabled, and those would probably be easier to finish within that window from what I'm told.