03 December 2010

True! Reader! Confession!

My office book club has met twice and I am 0 for 2 in attendance. Last month I had a training session during it (if I'd had my druthers, but anyway), This time I hadn't finished the book (Stefan Zweig's THE POST OFFICE GIRL -- and it is terrific so far) and I felt so guilty I stayed away. I didn't want to be there flinching when spoilers were unveiled, nor did I want to show up and sit there nodding and... nodding.

(I blame the library's copy of the book for not getting to me sooner. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Which is worse: to not go to book club when you haven't read the book, or to go and not be able to substantively contribute to discussion?


jo said...

Too many bookclubs!

And what did your office book club members say to you once they saw your post? Maybe an admission that they too had not read the book?!

Ellen said...

I'm not positive any of them saw it, Jo, but funnily enough I did get an email later saying we would meet again in January because people had trouble getting hold of the book. (I hadn't told the organizer that.) Reprieved!