22 March 2010

New York Book Week: BEA for everyone?

The organizers of BookExpo America, the annual publishing trade show, are trying to expand their reach this year with the announcement of New York Book Week, events during and linked to BEA but open to everyone. The bill isn't filled yet for May 25th through 27th, but so far they have a short-story event featuring Ira Glass and a reading at the Brooklyn Public Library by Jonathan Franzen.

This is great news if you don't want to shell out for a BEA pass, can't take the time off (the decision to move to mid-week: why?) or just generally like book-related things. As far as an attendance driver for the show itself, I have my doubts, but it could happen; I attended BEA last year and had a grand old time, but I'll be watching the New York Book Week slate as well.

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