07 December 2007

This Weekend In Books

Who's going to see "Atonement" this weekend? I've been looking forward to this movie since this summer, when its trailer was attached to practically every movie I've seen in theatres. (Good job, marketing, you won -- although I don't know how good of a match this was with "Dan in Real Life.") I'm feeling considerably more hype for the movie than I did for the book, which I read by chance in 2003 when the graduate student I was subletting from had a copy in her bookshelves. It didn't make a huge impression on me, to be honest, but I thought it was good and it will be interesting to see how it is adapted, given the book's "twist." (Is it really a twist? Well, kind of, but one I'm not going to spoil here.)

I'm planning to go Saturday night, so if you're lucky (har!) you might see a review of it here on Sunday. I have some review books to catch up on as well, but I'm also picking up a few books I requested at the library on shopping and materialism -- just in time for the holidays. 'Tis the season for picking out presents, and I enjoy doing that, but I thought it might be nice to get a little seasonal perspective. I'll be posting about those next week -- if you have a favorite anti-consumerist (or savvy-consumer) book, I'd certainly like to hear about it. And I'm finally going to start BEST FRIENDS for the From The Stacks challenge, especially if I get snowbound. Well, here's hoping!

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