24 March 2007


It's my hundredth post! I thought about combing through the archives to bring you a top 10 of my entries, but I thought that was a little egotistical. So instead, here are some books I've read recently, in haiku form.

Steve Pond, THE BIG SHOW
Big fuss but small crowd:
If Oscar falls in L.A.,
does anyone care?
Cheryl Mendelson, LOVE, WORK, CHILDREN
She's in a coma.
Do we want her to wake up
While we fall in love?
Janet Hirshenson and Jane Jenkins, A STAR IS FOUND
Casting agents get
No respect. Also, no one's
Like Whoopi Goldberg.
Judy Renee Singer, STILL LIFE WITH ELEPHANT (advance review)
No pachyderm can
Replace your cheating husband.
Elephants are better.
Merde!Aspic's gross! But
in the making, fulfilling.
Wish that I could cook.

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