18 December 2006

Books I read recently, in haiku form.

#102. David Mitchell, BLACK SWAN GREEN
Thirteen's hard. Secret:
I like hobbits, poetry.
Wonder what that means.
#103. Heidi Julavits, THE USES OF ENCHANTMENT
Kidnapped, or did she
Fake escape from Boston 'burbs?
Add witch metaphors.
#104. Michael Lewis, TRAIL FEVER
'96: Gore's liked,
Dubya's drowned out, Nader's fresh.
Attack ads still run.
#105. Kate Muir, LEFT BANK
He cheats. She's a bitch.
Kid runs away. Pretty Paris can't
keep him from nanny.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Oooh, I'm right in the middle of Black Swan Green. I really like it, and I love your haiku!! Can I mention it in my review? (credited to your blog, of course)