21 July 2005


I am floored that someone would write a book about war this good and I was never assigned to it. People, I am a literature major. I am one year away from completing my formal education. I'm not even sure if Vonnegut is still alive, but if he is I'd like to give him a medal. So step forward, Kurt! It'll have to be tinfoil, though, I'm not a dynamite inventor or anything.

...Words fail me. Just go read it.

Ellen vs. the Modern Library: 40-60


Anonymous said...

vonnegut gets a bad rap among the edumacated/vqr/hudson review set. i personally like him, based on this book and on mother night, which i like a lot. consider it suggested.

Anonymous said...

my 12 grade ap lit teacher assigned that book and, i must say, it not only opened discussion about the "war on terrorism," but was a great discussion tool that we used to investigate memory/POV.

i freakin' love that book...tralfamadorians rule.

also, i'd suggest cat's cradle which is great, as well as the breakfast of champions.


travisjackson41412724 said...
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Anonymous said...

Belated comment here, but...

Vonnegut IS alive! One of my friends went to school with one of his offspring. He lives in MA or NH I believe.

And - YES for sure to S-5. So good.


Anonymous said...

i must say, i do love vonnegut. yes. as much as i love cake. mmm...

<3 leslie.